The SkyLine Series Book Set Books 1 – 3 : A Science Fantasy Adventure Series


Grab your copy of the epic first half of the SkyLine Series book set at a discounted price for a limited time.

Fight to save the one you love…or watch the world you know destroyed by the AI designed to protect it?

Major General Christopher Droan is no stranger to a dramatic crises. But after surviving a traumatic past haunted by deep rooted scars and lingering questions about his father’s distrust for technology, he’s ready to embrace being assigned to a desk job.

If only things were so simple…the calm doesn’t last long as tragedy strikes Precinct 117 in Shanghai.

The AI units designed to partner with the police have turned on their human masters and Droan and his team are deployed to protect humankind and find out what caused the change in the robot’s beta personality matrix.

As panic and terror break loose across Earth and Mars and the SkyLine that connects them, Droan’s fiancé Sheeba begins experiencing hallucinations of creatures so terrifying it could change the face of the world forever.

What started as a crisis has turned into a full-scale, inner-planetary life and death fight for humanity.

Will it be victory? Or will life end in total destruction?



“This was a well-written, detail filled story that moved quickly along with a steady tension that kept the reader on edge to what might happen next. The characters were excellently portrayed by the way they interacted with others. It was easy to spot the heroes, the strong ones, who would have a big part to play in the upcoming crisis. There is a tie-in also to be made with Dawn, who was introduced in the opening of the story. Grab your copy and hang on for a wild adventure as this small team prepares for what lies ahead! Best of all, you have all of the books in one set for your reading enjoyment!” ★★★★★

“Space dragons… a fantasy come true. Where did they come from? Are they aliens? These and some more questions arise, adding more mystery and intrigue with their mind bending powers. A captivating SciFi/Fantasy story, with strong characters and fearsome dragons. Gritty, fast-paced and compelling, edgy dialogue, deep characters and non-stop action, accompanied by a shocking quest for justice. A solid SciFi fantasy offering! I highly recommend the series!” ★★★★★

“This series starts off with a bang and carries on from there.I have the first three books and am (im)patiently waiting forthe next installment. I hope you like this series as much as I do. Enjoy!!” ★★★★



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