SkyLine: The Captain, The Billionaire Boat, And The Dragon Crusader


The balance between human and Dragon rests on the shoulders of a young pilot on her first mission.

Dawn Redding. An Admiral of the World Crisis Committee, she stands on the threshold of the life she gave everything for. She only needs to bring in the galaxy’s first outerworld outlaw.

Howard Carver. The legacy left behind by his family holds the key to facing humanity’s greatest threat, the far-flung lifeforms known as Dragons.

Rick Miller. A retired Captain with the ship to take them both to the outerworlds, where the outlaw Drogan lurks.

These three come together aboard the ageing Arcadia, a ship equipped with an AI named Alice, who is capable of self-piloting. Dawn, naturally feels useless. With or without the use of her greatest skill, she discovers her purpose as a leader when the group comes face-to-face with the being between man and Dragon himself. Drogan.

The astral road to him, the SkyLine, launches Dawn and the crew of the Arcadia from Mars to Neptune, and past the edge. Companions in loathing and love, they fight to level the cosmic scales. Through it all watches Alice, inside the Billionaire Boat, the Arcadia. More closely than anyone, she watches Dawn.

What waits for the crew at the edge of humanity’s reach; the land of the Dragons: redemption, or damnation?



“Dawn spent her whole life working to become a pilot and she’s eager to use those skills. But in her new job she’s basically just a backup for the AI who actually does the flying. Her mission is to capture the man/dragon outlaw, Drogan. That’s not gonna be easy. Oh, and there’s so much more going on in this, the second book in the series. Action and adventure, great characters, there’s even an amorous physical relationship involving the ship’s AI. Longer than the first book but the end still came sooner than I wanted. The time listening to it just seemed to go by in a flash. I would certainly recommend picking up this series. I’m gonna start the third book right now.” ★★★★★

“This is a fantastic fantasy that has space dragons the were humans first. This is not a spoiler because you don’t know how it happened and that is part of the intrigue. I was thoroughly engrossed in the story and cannot wait for the next installment. It is full of action and adventure, intrigue and suspense enough to keep you reading well past your bedtime. Grab it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.” ★★★★★

“AWESOME. I could definitely see this whole series up on a theater screen. ” ★★★★



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