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  • SkyLine: The Captain, The Billionaire Boat and The Dragon Crusader

    SkyLine: The Captain, The Billionaire Boat, And The Dragon Crusader


    The balance between human and Dragon rests on the shoulders of a young pilot on her first mission.

    Dawn Redding. An Admiral of the World Crisis Committee, she stands on the threshold of the life she gave everything for. She only needs to bring in the galaxy’s first outerworld outlaw.

    Howard Carver. The legacy left behind by his family holds the key to facing humanity’s greatest threat, the far-flung lifeforms known as Dragons.

    Rick Miller. A retired Captain with the ship to take them both to the outerworlds, where the outlaw Drogan lurks.

    These three come together aboard the ageing Arcadia, a ship equipped with an AI named Alice, who is capable of self-piloting. Dawn, naturally feels useless. With or without the use of her greatest skill, she discovers her purpose as a leader when the group comes face-to-face with the being between man and Dragon himself. Drogan.

    The astral road to him, the SkyLine, launches Dawn and the crew of the Arcadia from Mars to Neptune, and past the edge. Companions in loathing and love, they fight to level the cosmic scales. Through it all watches Alice, inside the Billionaire Boat, the Arcadia. More closely than anyone, she watches Dawn.

    What waits for the crew at the edge of humanity’s reach; the land of the Dragons: redemption, or damnation?

  • SkyLine The Dogs of War

    SkyLine: The Dogs of War


    SkyLine: The Dogs of War

    All that holds back the Galaxy’s first interplanetary war is a crew of repurposed criminals, an undercover agent, and a world-government trust fund baby. The Dogs of War.

    With the destruction of the planet Mukurus comes the dawn of new struggles for the Worlds Crisis Committee.

    The Dragons are awakened. Their Higher Order sits council at a hidden base somewhere in the Milky Way, along with faithful servants called Faders, who worship them as gods. From the shadows, they puppeteer raids to cut SkyLine supply routes. They box in human expansion, stifle the enemy.

    After its defeat at the hands of Drogan, the ancient life form Machaeus is scattered across the cosmos. Its spores are the subject of research on both sides of the budding Dragon war. It becomes a means of transport. It becomes a weapon. The study of these “M-Particles” inspires horrendous biological experimentation in deep cover labs across the Galaxy. Beneath it all, the will of Machaeus lurks still, forming a plot of its own.

    In the chaos, the Worlds Crisis Committee turns to the Dogs of War. This elite task force tackles two missions to keep the Milky Way from tearing itself apart. Open new trade routes. Find the Dragons and uproot them from the galaxy. The mission sounds simple to the Dogs’ Captain, Demitri “Demi” Alexander, until he sees the crew in action. He alone can reconcile the differences between siblings from the mines of Saturn’s Rings, the niece of a high-ranking WCC executive, and an M-Particle research specialist. They must become the Dogs of War. They are the last chance for humans to make a stand against the enclosing Dragon threat.

    Demi’s biggest challenge, though, are his feelings for one of his own. Arms Specialist Kalus Delphi. The two have a history of passion, one they put behind them for the good of the unit. The Captain faces a dangerous balance of reigning in the wily but talented Kalus, without igniting flames best snuffed. But, with the fate of the Galaxy on their shoulders, how much can these two fight their own feelings?


    For better or worse, the Dogs of War cross every planet in the SkyLine. They delve deep in the Chrysum wells of Neptune and the floating city of Jupiter alike, in search of the Dragons and hope to defeat them.

  • SkyLine: The Dragon Commander

    SkyLine: The Dragon Commander


    Save the world only to sacrifice the one you left behind…

    After surviving a traumatic past, Major Christopher is more than ready to embrace a boring desk job.
    But the universe has other plans for him.…

    The AI units designed to partner with the police in Precinct 117 Shanghai have turned on their human masters. Deployed to protect humankind and find out what caused the change in the robots’ personality matrix, Christopher must forget the safety of the desk job and instead come face to face with more danger than ever before.

    What started as a small crisis has turned into a full-scale, inner-planetary life and death fight for humanity.

    The question is will Christopher lead humanity to victory…or total destruction?

    If you are a fan of Mass Effect, Star Wars, StarCraft or Deus Ex, you’ll love this military science fiction adventure.

    For heart pounding, intense action sequences and incredible otherworldly experiences, grab your copy of SkyLine – The Dragon Commander today!

  • skyline book series set book 1 to 3

    The SkyLine Series Book Set Books 1 – 3 : A Science Fantasy Adventure Series


    Grab your copy of the epic first half of the SkyLine Series book set at a discounted price for a limited time.

    Fight to save the one you love…or watch the world you know destroyed by the AI designed to protect it?

    Major General Christopher Droan is no stranger to a dramatic crises. But after surviving a traumatic past haunted by deep rooted scars and lingering questions about his father’s distrust for technology, he’s ready to embrace being assigned to a desk job.

    If only things were so simple…the calm doesn’t last long as tragedy strikes Precinct 117 in Shanghai.

    The AI units designed to partner with the police have turned on their human masters and Droan and his team are deployed to protect humankind and find out what caused the change in the robot’s beta personality matrix.

    As panic and terror break loose across Earth and Mars and the SkyLine that connects them, Droan’s fiancé Sheeba begins experiencing hallucinations of creatures so terrifying it could change the face of the world forever.

    What started as a crisis has turned into a full-scale, inner-planetary life and death fight for humanity.

    Will it be victory? Or will life end in total destruction?